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Tuesday Sept. 19th &
Wednesday Sept. 20th, 2017


Craft world-class digital customer experiences.
September 12, 2016
  • 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Workshop A:
    Customer Journey Mapping: Creating Your Digital Customer Experience Roadmap
    Mandeep Kwatra
    Vice President of Global Solutions & Capabilities and CX Strategy, HGS

    One of the best ways for telling the story of your customer’s interactions with your company is through a journey map. Identify how your customers experience your company initially, throughout their purchase and into the long-term. Source your plan of action to:

    1. Utilize customer journey maps to identify critical touch points
    2. Develop a consumer-first culture to drive innovation
    3. Assemble a top-notch design team and ‘think like a startup’
    4. Break down silos within your organization and work together across departments
    5. Demonstrate ROI and get C-suite executives excited about digital transformation

    Provide your company with the tools and the game plan to transform your customer engagement and grow your revenue.

  • 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Workshop B:
    Think Like Your Customers – Optimize Your B2B Customer Experiences Across All Channels to Maximize Growth
    Lynn Hunsaker
    CEO, ClearAction
    1. Gain valuable tools for understanding your customer’s expectations
    2. Integrate your offline and online channels to monetize customer experiences: sales, service, operations, and marketing channels
    3. Leverage and improve on long-standing B2B relationships with innovative digital engagement strategies

    Improve and integrate your customer’s end-to-end interactions with your company across all channels.

September 12, 2016
September 13, 2016
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
    Chris Penn
    Vice President of Marketing Technology, Shift Communications
  • 8:30 AM
    Keynote Address: Domino's Pizza
    Increase Your Profits and Drive Your Customer-first Culture by Utilizing Digital Channels
    Dennis Maloney
    VP, Chief Digital Officer, Domino's Pizza

    Transforming your company’s CX culture is the first step in optimizing digital technology. Improve your customer retention strategies with innovative digital experiences that exceed their needs. Take away specific solutions to:

    • Convince C-suite executives about digital potential
    • Ensure CX cultural coordination across your organization
    • Deliver first-class interactions through mobile and apps

    Develop your plan of action to drive your company’s growth.

  • 9:00 AM
    Panel: Integration
    Unlock Your Company’s Full Profitability with Digital CX Integration Strategies
    Martin Gurth
    Sr. Manager, Customer Experience, Travelocity
    Tema Frank
    Customer Experience, Usability and Marketing Expert, Frank Reactions
    Danny Setiawan
    Lead UX for Mobile, Economist

    Most companies investing in digital integration have their eye on improving CX. Optimize digital CX strategies to achieve enhanced profits for your company faster. Create a road map to:

    • Drive revenue growth and outperform your competition
    • Evolve to meet the growing demands of your digital customers
    • Optimize new business opportunities through personalized outreach

    Catalyze your company’s revenue growth through integrating channels.

  • 9:45 AM
    Industry Expert – Perceived and Delivered CX
    Utilize a Disruptive Analytics Approach to Deliver Great Digital Experiences
    Ryan Bateman
    Marketing & Digital Performance Director, Dynatrace

    Only digital disruptors have the maturity to combine perceived customer experience analytics with delivered customer experience analytics. Refine your craft to be more agile and focus on producing a constant stream of innovation. Glean insights including:

    • Using CX as a bonding agent across your departments
    • Leveraging your customer feedback and VoC efforts in a broader CX industry
    • Practicing Digital Performance Management in your organization

    Explore a trending evolution in CX and accelerate your digital business with confidence.

  • 10:15 AM
    Speed Networking
    Develop Relationships and Fresh Ideas

    Engage thinkers, doers and trailblazers in digital customer experience. Quick rotations will help you break the ice and get to know fellow CX executives and professionals. Bring your business cards, make the right connections and build exclusive knowledge!

    Exchange new ideas, best practices and proven tactics with your peers and fellow experts.

  • 10:30 AM
    Mid-morning Networking Break

    Interact with conference speakers and your industry peers. Secure important new business contacts and talk about crucial developments in your field.

  • 11:00 AM
    Case Study: AT&T
    Redesign Your Customer Experience to Eliminate Friction at All Your Customer’s Touch Points
    Vicki Jones
    SVP, AT&T Entertainment Group and Mobility Support, AT&T

    Today’s customers have more choices in the marketplace than ever before. Meet your customer’s expectations to increase your digital sales and improve end to end costs. Discover how to:

    • Adapt your legacy institutions to leverage chat and mobile apps
    • Integrate your company’s channel plans and platforms
    • Pivot your social media from reactive to proactive

    Adapt your customer outreach through digital transformation strategies.

  • 11:30 AM
    Case Study – Schneider Electric
    Integrate Your Global Digital Ecosystem to Drive Your Company’s Strategic Digital Transformation
    Hiram Barber
    Global Director, Partner Relationship Management, Schneider Electric

    Digital leadership and strategic change in large companies is challenging for endless reasons. Navigate the obstacles involved in digital transformation to provide your customers with a seamless experience at every touch point. Create a roadmap to:

    • Guide your digital integration to fulfill your DCX ambitions
    • Eliminate barriers to your customer's path to purchase
    • Identify the early indicators needed to keep your company on course

    Avoid icebergs when driving your Titanic-sized global digital initiatives.

  • 12:00 PM
    Industry Expert: Customer Journey Management
    From Visualization to Enterprise Action – Evolve Your Journey Mapping Strategies to Maximize Your CX
    Peter Haid
    Managing Director, CCXP, Touchpoint Dashboard
    Kate Kompelien
    Associate Director Customer Experience Research, Best Buy

    The next generation of journey mapping goes beyond visualization and into an enterprise journey management. Empower your CX professionals to build, collaborate, validate, analyze, present, act and manage all of their customer’s journey’s from one central CX command center. Build a toolkit to:

    • Drive improvement of your customer acquisition and retention
    • Share your customer journey maps with your global colleagues
    • Take the next best action using real-time customer feedback integrated directly onto touchpoints
    • Enable continuous improvement with Executive-Ready Reporting and stakeholder accountability

    Transform your journey mapping into the journey management of enterprise action.

  • Strategy
    • 12:45 PM
      Case Study: Bethpage Federal Credit Union
      Enhance Your Brand’s Reputation by Utilizing Customer Journey Maps
      Karen Sweeney
      Vice President, Member Experience, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

      Customer journey mapping is critical in providing the best customer experience possible. Identify the critical interactions your customers have with your business to drive your digital transformation. Uncover approaches to:

      • Understand every touch point your customers have with your company
      • Prioritize areas of CX improvement in your business
      • Maximize your ROI in digital channels

      Be inspired to see the world through the eyes of your customers.

    • 12:45 PM
      Case Study: Crowe Horwath LLP
      Sustain Your Digital CX Excellence Through Continual Digital Improvement
      Michelle Morris
      CCXP, Customer Experience Executive, Crowe Horwath LLP
      MaryBeth Omness
      Digital Media Director, Crowe Horwath LLP

      Implementing the right technology in a fast-paced digital world is only one part of driving digital CX innovation. Engage your customers and ensure your company is ahead of the competition. Take away specific solutions to:

      • Manage the rate and scale of digital CX change within your organization
      • Maximize ROI into your organization’s digital implementation
      • Gain and improve on the full value of your existing assets

      Build on your past digital CX successes to foster a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.

  • 1:30 PM
    Networking Lunch

    Join the conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing lunch.

  • Strategy
    • 2:30 PM
      Case Study: Discover
      Assemble Your Digital Design Team to Help Deliver Meaningful CX
      Melissa Douros
      Senior Manager, Digital User Experience, Discover

      Building the right design team at the right time is key to driving digital CX innovation. Utilize design-oriented experts to engage your employees and deliver CX success across channels. Achieve a toolkit to:

      • Engage your customers on their terms
      • Establish a model for continually improving your organization
      • Align your customers' expectations with online interactions

      Arm your company with the right tools to improve customer engagement.

    • 3:15 PM
      Case Study: Allstate Canada
      Think Like a Start-up to Catalyze Your CX Innovation to Drive Revenue Growth
      Eric Buchegger
      Digital and Social Media Manager, Allstate Canada

      Moving your company onto a digital platform from scratch requires speed, creativity and adaptability. Empower your employees to enhance your interactions with customers across all channels. Walk away with an action plan to:

      • Integrate customer feedback into decision-making
      • Embrace experimentation and deal with initial failure
      • Underpin necessary risks with educated processes

      Be ‘comfortable with the unknown’ like a technology start-up to drive your company’s innovation and boost revenue.

    • 2:30 PM
      Case Study: The Economist
      Utilize the Full Potential of Your UX Team to Drive Your Transformation
      Danny Setiawan
      Lead UX for Mobile, Economist

      Most companies see the importance of UX, but often leave the UX team out of key discussions for too long. Apply new approaches to include your UX team in crucial conversations. Take away an action plan to:

      • Empower your UX team to deliver on business goals
      • Encourage collaboration across your organization
      • Maximize your product design team’s contributions

      Enable your UX team to play a key role in your company’s cultural shift.

    • 3:15 PM
      Utilize Content-first Strategies to Provide the Best User Experience for Your Customers
      Kavitha Krishnan
      Senior UX Designer, CUNA Mutual Group

      In today’s digital age, getting the user experience right is essential for your company’s survival. Identify the key pillars to crafting delightful experiences that will maximize your company’s CX potential. Generate a plan to:

      • Unite your company’s content with your design strategies
      • Focus on digital channels that make an impact and drive engagement
      • Deliver value to your customer across all interactions

      Take away key tips and strategies to guide you along your digital transformation.

  • 4:00 PM
    Mid-afternoon Networking Break

    Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

  • 4:30 PM
    Industry Expert: User Experience Design
    Harness User Experience Design to Optimize Interactions with Your Target Audience
    Nicholas Michel
    Research & Customer Experience Senior Analyst, Precision Dialogue
    Kevin O’Brien
    Product Owner, Digital Acquisition, Zions Bancorporation

    A major bank in the Southwestern United States leveraged user experience design to meet changing target audience needs. Gather takeaways from their process and learn what you can do to drive change in your organization. Develop a plan of action to:

    • Utilize holistic, multi-channel experience strategies
    • Optimize online customer experience for new account openings
    • Define the user perspective to redefine the customer experience

    Harness UX design to engage and retain your customers.

  • 5:00 PM
    Panel: Digital Design and Omni-channel
    Create Integrated Customer Experiences to Deliver Consistency Across Channels
    Kavitha Krishnan
    Senior UX Designer, CUNA Mutual Group
    Eric Buchegger
    Digital and Social Media Manager, Allstate Canada

    Customers expect consistent outcomes across all the channels they use to interact with your brand. Provide integrated digital experiences to maximize your customer value. Source practical tips to:

    • Ensure your customers can painlessly move across touch points
    • Develop a ‘single view’ of the customer across your organization
    • Create digital experiences through interactive apps and mobile strategies

    Improve your customer acquisition and retention strategies to boost your profits.

  • 5:45 PM
    Conference Adjourns to Day Two
  • 6:00 PM
    Evening Cocktail Reception

    Don’t miss this exclusive end-of-day gathering with conference speakers and attendees! Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Unwind, mingle and build relationships that will benefit you in the years to come. Bring your business cards.
    Plan your day accordingly to stay and attend!

September 13, 2016
September 14, 2016
  • 7:30 AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 8:15 AM
    Opening Comments from the Chair
    Chris Penn
    Vice President of Marketing Technology, Shift Communications
  • 8:30 AM
    Keynote Address: Caesars Entertainment
    Provide Digital CX Across Your Company’s Network to Solidify Loyalty
    Michael Marino
    Senior VP of Loyalty & Digital, Caesars Entertainment

    Caesars Entertainment’s Total Rewards loyalty program offers its members opportunities to earn and redeem their rewards anytime, anywhere. Establish a rewards program in your organization as the primary driver of your customer’s loyalty. Source your plan of action to:

    • Keep your customers engaged with your brand at all times
    • Manage your digital transitions to allow for seamless customer adoption
    • Integrate your customer’s feedback to build relationships

    Inspire your guests to trust your program/brand over all others, all the time.

  • 9:00 AM
    Panel: Personalization
    Incorporate Personalization Strategies in Your Company to Maximize Growth
    Melissa Douros
    Senior Manager, Digital User Experience, Discover
    Hiram Barber
    Global Director, Partner Relationship Management, Schneider Electric

    Digital options have transformed how customers interact with brands within both brick-and-mortar locations, on mobile and online. Provide your customers with the digital CX tools to control every point of their experience. Source practical tips to:

    • Heighten your organization’s e-commerce potential
    • Bolster your brand’s convenience and personalization
    • Augment your company’s omni-channel strategies

    Fully enable your customers to interact with your company across all channels.

  • 9:45 AM
    Industry Expert – Web Accessibility
    Enhancing Your Digital Customer Experience for People with Disabilities
    Simon Dermer
    Co-Founder and Managing Director, eSSENTIAL Accessibility

    We’re firmly in the age of the customer, and brands can enhance the customer experience for the 20 million Americans with disabilities by implementing turnkey accessibility strategies. Combine web accessibility compliance with assistive technology to improve your CX. Uncover strategies to:

    • Understand disability market trends and purchase decision criteria
    • Learn how assistive technology allows people with disabilities to seamlessly engage with your digital brands
    • See how leading organizations have enhanced the customer experience for people with disabilities

    Deliver a truly enhanced omni-channel experience for your customers

  • 10:15 AM
    Mid-morning Networking Break

    Interact with conference speakers and your industry peers. Secure important new business contacts and talk about crucial developments in your field.

  • 10:45 AM
    Industry Expert: User POV
    Understanding User POV to Launch Your Great Digital Experiences
    Ben Gray
    Digital Experience Analyst, Applause

    Your digital presence is the gateway to your brand and your customers are the ones who determine the quality of that presence. It is therefore paramount to involve customer feedback in all aspects of design and development. Take away specific solutions to:

    • Understand the importance of infusing the right types of customer feedback through launch and beyond
    • Learn how major brands are listening to their customers to launch your own great digital experiences
    • Deliver digital experiences to your customers that turns casual users into loyal, vocal brand advocates

    Enable your customers to enjoy great experiences on your website, mobile apps and IoT products.

  • 11:15 AM
    Case Study: Travelocity
    Differentiate Your Brand by Embracing the ‘Customer First Guarantee’
    Martin Gurth
    Sr. Manager, Customer Experience, Travelocity

    Businesses can stand apart from the competition by providing superior CX across all channels before, during and after interactions with your company. Provide a superior digital experience for your customers across all touch points. Adopt best practices to:

    • Implement customer retention programs to build your customer’s loyalty
    • Drive your transaction growth through innovative email and social media strategies
    • Develop impactful eCommerce initiatives to boost your revenue

    Redesign your digital CX strategies to optimize your customers' journeys.

  • 11:45 AM
    Industry Expert: Empathy
    Relate to Today’s Customers Using Empathy
    Dave Dyson
    Senior Customer Service Evangelist, Zendesk

    Customer expectations are at an all-time high. Digital channels can help you connect with them and meet their needs, but unless you understand the basis of those needs, your efforts might fall flat. Gain insights such as:

    • What today’s customers demand from your businesses
    • How to leverage customer service to identify your customer needs
    • How basic human needs can shape behavior in ways that won’t show up in analytics/li>

    Exercise your own empathy muscles so you can listen and connect more effectively.

  • 12:15 PM
    Networking Lunch

    Join the conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

  • 1:30 PM
    Keynote Address: Amtrak
    Building a Customer-centric Company Culture Through Embracing Digital Disruption
    Ghada Ijam
    SVP, Chief Information Officer, Amtrak

    Companies that succeed in leveraging digital disruptions in customer experience strategies stand to enjoy revenue growth. Provide your customers with digital CX solutions that your competitors missed to grow your revenue. Develop your company’s blueprint to:

    • Rally your organization around a new CX culture led by digital innovations
    • Revolutionize how you measure CX and DCX success to solidify loyalty
    • Improve decision-making by utilizing real-time customer feedback

    Embrace digital disruption and position your company at the head of the pack.

  • 2:00 PM
    Interactive Session
    The Shift to Mobile and the High Customer Delight Bar
    Shehla Zafar
    Global Industry Manager, Kofax from Lexmark

    Mobile is becoming the channel of choice for your customers, and therefore the face of your organization. Your customers judge you by the way you interact with them through mobile, which makes the experience a crucial part to the entire customer journey. Let's discuss how mobile:

    • Can drive digital revenue
    • Increase customer acquisition
    • Deliver a superior customer experience
  • 2:40 PM
    Mid-afternoon Networking Break

    Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

  • 3:00 PM
    Case Study: Citi
    Power of Listening to Deliver Meaningful Real-time Action for Your Customers
    Judy Bloch
    Sr. Vice President, Client Experience, Citi

    Citi continually adapts their listening strategies to provide high-quality omni-channel customer service. Take your digital engagement to the next level and simplify customer interactions with your company. Be inspired on how you can:

    • Develop a holistic view of your customers, including how changes in digital trends impacts your other servicing channels
    • Create an early warning system to identify customer pain points & resolve them quickly
    • Bolster your customer’s loyalty by providing “in the moment” guidance

    Adapt your digital ecosystem to secure your customer’s confidence using Next Best Action techniques.

  • 3:30 PM
    Industry Expert: Bots & Digital CX
    Enable Anywhere, Anytime Customer Engagement Between Your Brand and Your Customers
    Frank Schneider
    VP of Customer Experience Solutions, Creative Virtual USA
    Marissa Pippen, PMP
    Self- Service Product Manager, InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG)

    A conversational Virtual Assistant that is always improving the customer experience while building sales, reducing costs and increasing brand loyalty. Gain important insight on how to:

    • Shift your customer conversations to a VA that is easy, intelligent, and conversational
    • Reduce your email and call volume from customers
    • Increase your customer engagement at a lower cost per conversation
    • Deploy technology engagements across Web, Mobile, Social, SMS, Contact Centers, Service Desk, Live Chat and IVR channels

    Provide your customers with consistent, accurate and personalized omni-channel engagement opportunities.

  • 4:00 PM
    Key Takeaways
    Best Practices for Optimizing Digital Customer Experience
    Chris Penn
    Vice President of Marketing Technology, Shift Communications

    Developing your digital customer experience strategies is critical to positioning your brand and solidifying customer loyalty. The conference will wrap up with an overview of key takeaways from speaker presentations and panel discussions. Take strategies back to your office to:

    • Utilize journey maps to identify your customer’s interactions with your company
    • Maximize your brand impact with omni-channel approaches
    • Convert your digital CX efforts into tangible business benefits

    Empower your brand with digital CX strategies and grow your sales.

  • 4:30 PM
    Conference Adjourns
September 14, 2016

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