We asked Customer Experience experts the following question regarding choosing their Digital Channels, and they were kind enough to share their insights with us:

How do you choose which digital channels to invest in?


Customer Experience Officer,
Ingrid C. Lindberg

Stevie Awards – Maverick of the Year & Best New Product or Service of the Year

There is so much talk of “meeting people where they are” these days. I feel like that statement is a bit early 00s. I think that the reality is that we now live in a world where consumers expect to be able to move seamlessly across any and all channels. I’m finding that so many companies are putting so much investment into mobile that they are letting their contact centers slip, or their websites if they are all focused on apps. I think the key is that you have to be balanced. You can’t swing the pendulum so far over to one channel that you lose the others.


Associate Director, Client Experience,
Michelle Morris Freet

Where to invest is never an easy decision. Most of what we do in marketing is really making sure that when our clients or prospects have a need we can fill, they know we can fill it. To do this, the old school “batch and blast” mentality of targeting ever larger groups of individuals in the hopes that this strategy would drive revenue is increasingly being abandoned. Our recent refreshed vision for the firm focuses on “deep specialization” especially within our vertical industry and technical expertise focus areas. Our best strategy for digital or other marketing efforts is to find the key buyers that align with our deep specialization and target them where they consume information. For example, we utilize LinkedIn groups to help us find our target audience. Although not fool proof, we can utilize metrics to understand if our targeted messages are at least getting to this audience, if they read them, and the final step – did they take our call to action…


Chief Marketing Officer,
Gina Collins

We’re listening to our customers and evolving our brand to be more digital savvy. Our millennial consumers grew up in a tech world and expect a lot from us, which is why we’re investing in digital to provide a consistent and fun experience in and out of our stores. We rebuilt our website last year to accommodate gaming, playing, storytelling and shopping to create a better experience for consumers across all devices. We saw significant metrics improvements and mobile engagement was up more than 200 percent from the previous year.


Director, Digital Customer Experience,
Tim Hassed

Our primary digital channels are the site and the app. The efforts on the site are around research, sales, support and self serve. For the App it’s self serve account management. In terms of where to focus, this is based on both customer and business value. Providing ease of use and 24×7 availability to customers while driving costs out of the business is good for all.


Director, Client Experience,
Karen Kerley

Our newest trading site, TradeKing LIVE, is responsive. And, our goal is to create one site and one experience across all devices. That’s a first for us – particularly as a data-heavy trading platform. We tackled early responsive designs by first designing for desktop and then translating that design to mobile. Because market data is extremely important to many of our active traders, we’ve had to maintain a lazar-sharp focus on desktop interfaces. So, right now our approach is still lead with desktop and scale down to mobile. We’ve really just started our journey towards mobile-first design.


Customer Experience Strategist,
Carol Buehrens
  • What matters most is the experience we provide our customers, regardless of the channel. We’re not trying to implement a new technology because it’s the latest thing – we need to provide the correct offering to our customers to help them be successful.
  • We look to our customers to understand what they need and how they need it delivered to fit their lifestyle. We want it to be as easy as possible to do business with us. This could mean providing the tools they need via their phone when in the field, or by providing online assistance for completing an insurance application.
  • Making all of our provided channels “personal and interconnected”, so that we can continue to improve our relationships and customers can channel-hop as needed, has become a top priority for us.

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