It’s All About Them: Digital Transformation and The Age of the Customer

If your company has yet to embrace digital transformation in this age of the DX economy, it’s probably at a competitive disadvantage…

If your company has yet to embrace digital transformation in this age of the DX economy, it’s probably at a competitive disadvantage…

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Why UX Should Be At The Center Of Your Digital Transformation

As the world continues to rapidly evolve, digital transformation has become the unspoken whisper that roams the hallways of businesses with outdated approaches to technologies. 

A recent study by the Design Management Institute revealed that customer-centric companies consistently outperformed their direct competitors every year.

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Luminoso Daylight

Organizations receive vast amounts of text feedback, sometimes in multiple languages. Attempts to manually process this data is an impossible task in terms of me and volume, and most text analytics platforms require training or coding, where programmers or data scientists are needed. 

The Solution –  Luminoso Daylight is a text analytics application for analyzing conversational text, such as support tickets, open-ended survey responses, and product reviews. 

Experiences Define Relationships and Foster Loyalty

An integrated approach to Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

Digital Reinvention in Action

In 2013, the IBM Institute for Business Value introduced the concept of digital reinvention in a study of the same name. The study highlighted a profound economic shift over recent decades.

The Evolution To Real-Time Customer Experience

Real-time personalization has become the new customer experience buzzword, but very few companies are actually doing real-time personalization correctly. Read this Forrester thought leadership paper for insights on how companies are struggling to provide great customer experiences and why real-time data is so important in this endeavor.

At the Intersection of Customer Experience, Business & Tech

An Interview with Mike Wittenstein, Founder of Storyminers

A certified Customer Experience Professional, Mike is a veteran professional services innovator, experience designer and author. In this interview, Mike discusses the mobile customer, Customer-Centric Culture & some of the most common mistakes companies make when it comes to Customer Experience.

Managing Digital Customer Experience: Assessing Your Maturity

We all know from personal experience that a slow or error-prone web or mobile app is among the most frustrating customer experience failures. So why, as Customer Experience professionals, are we apparently not able to better manage this all-too-common problem? This report by CX guru Dr. Natalie Petouhoff of Constellation Research looks at the state of managing Digital Experience – the degree to which web and app interaction is fast and free of technical errors. Because if you’re not actively managing it, you’re probably not getting it right.

In this report:

  • How to make the case for elevating the performance management of the digital customer experience: connecting digital experiences with business outcomes
  • Five levels of digital performance management
  • Benchmarking your approach: The Performance Maturity Matrix for Digital Customer Experience
  • Top recommendations for setting benchmarks and best practices

Is Digital Experience the missing ingredient in your efforts to improve the customer experience? Learn how you can create amazing customer experiences that drive business outcomes.

Increasing Website Usability to Improve Conversion: Why & Where to Begin

Every $1 invested in improving the usability of a website returns $10 to $100. In just 3 seconds, users decide if your website is credible or not. Download this report to see how you can improve your website & take its usability to the next level.

What Every Marketer Needs to Know about Inclusive Digital Marketing

We’re firmly in the age of the customer, and organizations have the opportunity to engage and build relationships with customers with disabilities. The disability market is the largest minority in the world, yet only 5% of the largest North American companies are making measurable efforts to connect with consumers with disabilities. Read this whitepaper to learn how your organization can enhance the digital customer experience for people with disabilities.

Pollinating a Sweet Omnichannel Experience

The more digital your customers become, the more individual their buying experience will be. Like bees to the hive, their journey can be random—taking any path, any time, doubling back or going elsewhere. The one thing you can count on is that they all want a flawless trip, no matter what path they choose. Digital masters understand this, getting customers to the hive happy and buzzing about the experience.