Chicago, IL

Wednesday September 23rd &
Thursday September 24th 2015

Transform your customer experience

Harness the power of digital to innovate your CX and drive conversions.

The most efficient and effective way to impact CX is through your digital channels. Develop new strategies to better utilize digital and take your CX to a much higher level.

Exclusive to this conference, discover best in class digital CX innovations in mobile, social, virtual agents, personalization, CJMs, VoC, and analytics.

Transform your digital CX strategy to stay competitive and retain today’s multi-channel customer with experiences that exceed expectations at every touchpoint.

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Awesome I have taken so many notes… I can’t wait to transfer the knowledge to my team. Cleveland clinic was great.

Michael Gallant, Product Manager - Digital Solutions, Manulife

Great focus on content, wholly relevant presenters and attendees.

Ryan McDermott, Director Business Development, Adroll

I have enjoyed all the speakers and presentation content. It’s great to know that other companies are experiencing some of the same stuff we are in our digital strategies.

Megan Anzai, Manager, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Sun Life Financial

Very well done. Case Studies were very insightful. Could easily relate to them and gained lots of useful information.

Christiane Lalonde, Business Analyst, Desjardins Financial Security

I have been very impressed. Great speakers and presentations relevant topics, good pace. It has been helpful for me to hear how other organizations manage these issues.

Nicole Valtos, VP, Operations & Data Quality Division, Export Import Bank of the US

An excellent variety of speakers! A very informative day that has resulted in many ideas.

Jennifer McLean, VP Customer Service, BlueSun Inc.

Extremely relevant and provided a good level of detail that will allow us to take back learning to our business.

Kevin Miller, Business Manager, Capital One

The content and speakers exceed my expectations!

Susan Mitchell, Chief Compliance Officer, Oxford Financial Group

This is the best DCX conference I’ve attended! Lots of great info.

Tim Perek, North American Director, Digital Customer Experience, Schneider Electric

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